DC-DC isolation Transformer/ PoE PD Transformer

DC-DC isolation transformer for PoE PD application SMT Compact size and highly conversion efficiency sutable for diverse power source applications. We design and provide Flyback and Forward power topology wire winding transformers. Besides, we also provide the fine tune service to adjust the power efficiency.
Part number Inductance Power topology type Output spec Reference IC solution Spec
EFD20-439 100uH Forward 12V 5A 60W TPS23730
EP13-732 65uH Flyback 5V 5A 25W TPS23731
EFD25-490-B 55uH Flyback 12V 4A 48W TPS23730
EP13-733 100uH Forward 5V 5A 25W TPS23634
EP13-553-C 150uH Flyback 5V 2.8A 15W TPS23758
EP13-644 140uH Flyback 3.3V 4A 13.2W TPS23758
EP13-563 150uH Flyback 12V 1A 13W TPS23755
ATQ27- 545 153uH min Forward 5V 14A TPS2373+UCC2897ARGPR
EFD25-451 100uH Forward 24V 3A TPS2373 +PMP20878
EP13-521 100.5uH Forward 12V 2.5A TPS2373 +UCC2897ARGPR
EFD25-280 30uH Flyback 12V 4.25A TPS2373+ LM51551-Q1
EFD20-419 70uH F;yback 5V 5A 25W TPS23752
EFD20-140 62uH Flyback 5V 4.5A TPS23751
EP13-645 48uH Flyback 5V 6A 30W TPS23751
EP13-346 41uH Flyback 12V 2.1A TPS23751
EFD20-299 70uH Flyback 5V 5A 25W TPS23751
EFD25-337 100uH Forward 5V 10A 50W TPS2379+UCC2897A
EFD20-439 100uH Forward 5V 12A 60W TPS2379+UCC2897A
EFD25-445 65uH Flyback 12V 3.8A TPS2378 + UCC2897A
EFD15-144 150uH Flyback 5V 2.2A TPS23757
EFD15-143 166.5uH Flyback 3.3V 3.3A TPS23757
EP10-161 - Flyback 5V 1.4A TPS23753A
EP10-638 155uH Flyback 3.3V 2.1A TPS23753A
EFD15-145 - Flyback 3.3V 3A TPS23753A
EFD15-142 - Flyback 5V 2A TPS23753A
EFD15-149 - Flyback 12V 0.9A TPS23753A
EFD20-242 - Flyback 5V 5A 25W TPS23756
EFD15-481 - Flyback 12V 1A 13W TPS23756
EP13-646 45uH Flyback 12V 1.25A TPS23756
EFD20-126 42uH Flyback 5V 5A 25W TPS23754
EP13-080 100.5uH Flyback 12V 2.5A TPS23754
EFD15-143 166.5uH Flyback 3.3V 3A TPS23750
EFD15-144 150uH Flyback 5V 2A TPS23750
EP13-668 70uH Flyback 5V 3A Si3404
EP10-669 40uH Flyback 3.3V 3A Si3406
EP10-670 40uH Flyback 5V 2A Si3406
EP10-671 40uH Flyback 12V 0.83A Si3406
EP13-675 40uH Flyback 3.3V 4.5A Si3406
EP13-677 40uH Flyback 5V3A Si3406
EP13-678 40uH Flyback 12V 1.25A Si3406
EP13-679 70uH Flyback 5V 6A Si34061
EP13-680 80uH Flyback 12V 2.5A 30W Si34061
EP13-681 85uH Forward 5V 14A Si34071
EP13-667 350uH Forward 12V 3A Si34071
EP13-665 100uH min Forward 12V 6A Si34071
EFD20-425-C 120uH Flyback 5V 5A 25W KTA1137
EFD20-427-A 120uH Flyback 12V 2.2A 25W KTA1137
EFD20-428-A 120uH Flyback 24V 1A KTA1137
EP13-629-B 150uH Flyback 5V 3A KTA1137
EP13-696 127uH Flyback 3.3V 4A MP8001
EP13-115 127uH Flyback 5V 2.6A MP8001
EP13-154 127uH Flyback 12V 1.08A MP8001
EFD20-164 42uH Flyback 12V 2.1A MP8008
EP13-189 100uH Flyback 12V 1A MP8004
EFD20-467 70uH Flyback 5V8A PM8005+PM8804
EFD20-468 100.5uH Forward 5V 20A PM8005+PM8804
EFD20-469 100.5uH Forward 12V 8A PM8805+PM8804
EFD20-470 70uH Forward 3.3V 20A PM8805+PM8804
EP13-154 127uH Flyback 12V 1A PM8800A
EP13-682 100uH Flyback 5V 4A PM8803
EP13-081 100uH Flyback 5V 2A PM8800A
EP13-696 100uH Flyback 3.3V 3A PM8800A
EP13-684 100uH Flyback 3.3V 6A PM8803
EFD25-477 15uH Flyback 24V 3.5A LT4295, LT4321
EFD20-473 18uH Flyback 12V 4A LT4295, LT4321
EP13-591 26uH Flyback 12V 3A LT4295, LT4321
EFD20-457 180uH Forward 12V 5.5A LT4295, LT4321
EFD20-381 160uH Forward 12V 5.5A LT4295, LT4321
EFD20-474 9uH Flyback 12V 2A LT4276, LT4321, LT4320
EFD20-475 175uH Forward 5V 17A LT4276, LT4321
EP7-694 44uH Flyback 5V 2.3A LT4276, LT4321
EP13-688 26uH Flyback 5V 7A LT4276, LT4321
EP13-689 37uH Flyback 24V 0.95A LT4276, LT4321
EP13-690 37uH Flyback 12V 1.9A LT4276, LT4321
EP13-691 37uH Flyback 5V 5A LT4276, LT4321
EP13-692 37uH Flyback 3.3V 6.8A LT4276, LT4321
EP13-693 429.3uH Forward 5V 4.5A LTC4269IDKD-2
EFD20-476 9uH Flyback 5V 4.5A LTC4278
EP10-695 20.4uH Flyback 3.3V 3A LTC4267CDHC-3
EP13-687 127uH Flyback 12V 0.9A LTC4267
EFD20-482 180uH Forward 12V 6A NCP1566
EP3-721 65uH Flyback 12V 2.1A TPS23730