About Us

Our R&D Philosophy

We put aside the traditional transformer research and development methods of try in error and introduced a more scientific simulation calculation method to make the product quickly and time to the market to meet the rapid and reliable requirements of the competitive generation.

My manufacturing facility and ability

In response to the deterioration and changes in the environment, we are heading towards a highly mobile medium-scale development direction. In just five years (2015~2020), we have rapidly expanded the production resources and capabilities of our mainland China factories. The current production capacity has reached the original 4 Times. Average monthly output is 6.5M+.

We are also actively looking for the next production location other than China that is more suitable for manufacturing.

Quality Control System & Strategy

ISO 9001, ISO14000 certification and IATF16949 sooner

  • Build ourself reliability lab

  • 90 %

    On-time delivery rate> 90%

  • 95 %

    Annual overall customer satisfaction> 95%

  • 99 %

    Education and training> 99% employees