Protection Devices

Ultra low Cap TVS and Snap TVS

Low cap ESD and lightning solution for High speed data lines

Ultra low cap SNAP clamping voltage solution specify for high speed data line lightning protection. The Lowest capacitance with large peak pulse current upto 30A on 1.2/50us, 8/20us combination wave.
Part number Peak Pulse Current (tp = 8/20µs) Reverse Stand-Off Voltage (VRWM) Junction Capacitance (Cj) Package Spec
SESLC3V3D323-2B 20A 3.3V 1.8pF SOD323
SESLC5VD323-2B 17A 5V 1.8pF SOD323
SESLC8VD323-2B 17A 8V 1.8pF SOD323
SESLC12VD323-2B 11A 12V 1.8pF SOD323
SESLC24VD323-2B 6A 24V 1.8pF SOD323
SESLC5VT23S-6 4A 5V 0.4pF REF SOT23-6
SESLC5VT23-6 10A 5V 1.5pF Ref SOT23-6
SESLC0524P 5A 5V 0.4pF REF DFN2510
STV3V3DCSP0603-A 10A 3.3V 0.3pF Ref DFN0603
STV3V3DDFN1610-A 10A 3.3V 0.4pF REF DFN1610