About Us

About Semitel

Semitel International Ltd., was founded in 2007, headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Semitel is a young and Vigorous company and workplace. We are the new generation leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-performance magnetic components and lightning protectors.

We have custom service of all kinds Magnetic wire winding solution including, any power type, signal coupling and interference suppression.

Our expertise region are on xDSL, PLC, PoE, VoIP, WAN/LAN and various exposed I/O interface.

Company Millstone

  • CY2020

    Co-work with TI for new generation PD BT IC

  • CY2019

    PoE 802.3BT planner and wire winding high efficiency total solution

  • CY2018

    212MHz G.Fast and Single Hybrid Fast DSL transformer

  • CY2017

    Develop the lightning total solution for 2.5G~10G Ethernet

  • CY2016

    New product ready for 35B and G.Fast application.

  • CY2015

    Start the PSE and PLC market.

  • CY2014

    Mass production the Planar transformer for Base Station application.

  • CY2013

    OEM magnetic biz with USA company.

  • CY2012

    May build the sales Rep channel in USA and Europe Telecommunication market.

  • CY2011

    Entry the PoE market and start to co-work with PD chip supplier.

  • CY2010

    Completed the EMTA reference design with ALC chip company.

  • CY2009

    Oct started the XDSL line transformer products and co-work with Top tier Chipset supplier.