Protection Devices

Programmable Telephony over voltage protector

FXS lightning soution, over voltage protector. The SVG series is for lightning protection solution on FXS port for VoIP application. Compliant with ITU-T K.21, Part68 and GR1089 regulation. This device is especially designed to protect subscriber line card interfaces (SLIC) against transient overvoltages. Positive overloads are clipped with 2 diodes. Negative surges are suppressed by 2 thyristors, their breakdown voltage being referenced to -VBAT through the gate. This component presents a very low gate triggering current (IGT) in order to reduce the current consumption on printed circuit board during the firing phase. A particular attention has been given to the internal wire bonding. The “4-point” configuration ensures reliable protection, eliminating the overvoltage introduced by the parasitic inductances of the wiring (Ldi/dt), especially for very fast transients.
Part number Number of Ports Maximum voltage LINE/GROUND Maximum voltage LINE/GROUND Non-repetitive peak on-state pulse current = 10/1000 μs Maximum voltage LINE/GROUND Non-repetitive peak on-state pulse current = 2/10 μs Spec
SVG120DN Single 120V 30A 120A
SVG120D Single 120V 30A 120A
SVG170DN Single 170V 30A 120A
SVG170D Single 170V 30A 120A
SVG170DM Single 170V 100A 500A
SVG170DH Single 170V 120A 650A
SVG170QN Dual 170V 30A 120A
SVG170Q Dual 170V 30A 120A